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Fun Forces
In this activity, teachers will create a mysterious topography using small boxes inside a copy paper box. Students will simulate sonar by inserting wooden skewers into holes in the box lid to investigate the unknown topography. Students will use that information to make a contour map of the mysterious topography.
Topic:Sonar and two-dimensional mapping of a 3D landscape
Uses of sonar::
  • Submarines use sonar to detect other vessels.
  • Oceanographers use sonar to map the ocean floor.
  • Fishermen use sonar to locate schools of fish.
  • Geologists use sonar to locate oil and gas deep underground.
  • Ultrasound uses the principle of sonar to investigate inside the human body.
Students will gain an understanding of the reflection of sound and how it is used by sonar.

Activity Difficulty Rating: 3 Each hands-on science activity has been ranked based on difficulty of set up and how difficult they are to perform. The rating scale is from 1 to 5, with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the most complicated.



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